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By taking action below, you’re joining manufacturing advocates who are urging Congress to vote NO on Card Check and any related policies that unfairly put the interests of labor groups above the protections of America’s workers.

What’s at Stake

While the effort to enact the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act is in retreat, some are looking for new opportunities to sneak in old ideas that haven’t seen the light of day in years, including pending competitiveness legislation as a vehicle for Card Check – also known as the misnamed Employee Free Choice Act.

Today, If Congress approves it, Card Check threatens some workers workplace privacy and security. Card Check upends long-standing labor-management relations by abolishing the secret ballot and giving unions a fast-track process to conduct a unionization effort and elections with no oversight.

Card Check would effectively strip workers of their ability to vote in a union election without fear of pressure from labor groups, their employer and coworkers. When union organizers campaign and deploy any kind of tactics possible to convince more than 50% of workers to agree to unionize by signing cards that anyone can see, it’s a win for the union and a loss for the employer.

Fast Facts

This simple term might sound harmless, but it poses a huge threat to our workers.  Simply put, Card Check will:

  • Eliminate the secret ballot by taking away the ability for workers to privately cast their votes in a union election.
  • Make available a worker’s vote on a physical card for union organizers and their co-workers to see.
  • Take away fair and representative elections that will overturn long-standing precedent under the National Labor Relations Act.
  • Make fraud and coercion more prevalent to advance unionization efforts because a federally supervised election is traded for a very loosely managed Card Check process.

This is not about free choice. Card Check is forced choice. The right to a secret ballot to cast a vote should never be threatened in any circumstance.

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Washington needs to hear from YOU. Why? Because real voices make a difference and help to get stuff done. Include your voice and tell us why you support eliminating Card Check and protecting a worker’s right to vote privately with a secret ballot.

Need an idea?

  • Card Check would take away a secret ballot for workers voting in a union election. Why should Congress protect a worker’s right to cast a vote privately?
  • Why should union elections be fair and representative instead of managed and controlled by labor groups themselves?

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