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Let’s tell Congress: fund U.S. chip manufacturing!

What’s at Stake

Manufacturers know first-hand that the supply chain has been stretched to its limits. From a shortage of raw materials to containers unavailable for export, manufacturers have been unable to deliver the products American families need because they lack critical products and resources.

One solution we can fight for – increase semiconductor production right here in the United States.

Semiconductors, also known as chips, help operate so much of what we rely on – cell phones, laptops, medical devices, autos, household appliances, HVAC, and other devices and systems that keep our communities safe and connected and our workforce strong. But when COVID-19 shut down factories around the world, semiconductor production slowed to a record low, with semiconductors and related components still limited and often unavailable today, preventing U.S. manufacturers from resuming and growing their production to keep up with demand.

These are tough lessons but a wake-up call that we need to up our competitiveness game.

We can get this done, but Congress has to do its part. It’s time to produce more semiconductors right here in the U.S. by funding an already-established U.S. chip manufacturing program.

We Want to Hear from You!

Washington needs to hear from YOU. Why? Because real voices make a difference and help to get stuff done. Include your voice and tell us why you support investing in semiconductor production and its workforce right here in the U.S.

Need an idea?

  • We all rely on semiconductors – from personal devices, like cell phones and computers, to our cars. Why should Congress support increased production of semiconductors in the U.S.?
  • Each of us have been impacted by the supply chain crisis. Why should Congress support increased manufacturing in the U.S. to cut down on the international traffic jams that have clogged our global supply chain?

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