Infrastructure Investment Secured!

Congress has officially passed the historic, bipartisan infrastructure deal!

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We did it! With your help, Congress has passed the historic and bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which will help to create more manufacturing jobs, and enhance the quality of life for families and communities. Join us in thanking lawmakers for their support.


Now What?

Congress has just passed the historic, pro-manufacturing infrastructure package – the type of deal that manufacturers have called for over many years.

We’re thanking Congress. Our lawmakers listened to us, and it’s important that we thank them for supporting manufacturers in their communities by passing legislation that will help to grow the workforce and allow manufacturers to help keep America competitive while our economy continues to recover. We also want Congress to know that while this is a win for manufacturers, we will continue our work to make sure these changes are seen and felt throughout our communities.

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Did you take action above? Keep up the momentum up by urging Congress to protect the competitive gains manufacturers have made thanks to tax reform.

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