Investing in Infrastructure

Investing in infrastructure means investing in our workers, communities, and ourselves.

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Your action makes a difference. By taking action below, you’re joining thousands of manufacturing advocates who are telling Congress to strengthen the foundation that makes our work and our daily lives possible. 

What’s at Stake

Congress is on the verge of an historic, pro-manufacturing infrastructure package for the type manufacturers have called for years.

We’re Taking Action. With your help, we can turn this agreement into law. From improving clogged roadways and crumbling bridges to expanding internet access to every community, this historic agreement will help to grow manufacturing, strengthen our recovering economy and improve the livelihoods of millions.

Achieving infrastructure investment is how we build to win for manufacturing workers and all Americans across the United States.

Fast Facts

If historic infrastructure investment is not achieved, America’s workers will lose.

  • America will become less competitive. More than 70% of manufacturers do not believe our nation’s existing infrastructure can keep up with the competitive needs of a growing economy.
  • Families will be hit the hardest. It’s estimated that by 2029, families will lose more than $3,300 every year because of weakened infrastructure.
  • Jobs will be lost. We could lose more than 2.5 million jobs by 2025 and more than 5.8 million jobs by 2040 without immediate action on infrastructure.

We Want to Hear from You!

Washington needs to hear from YOU. Why? Because real voices make a difference and help to get stuff done. Include your voice and tell us why you support investments in infrastructure that keep America competitive and manufacturing strong.

Need an idea?

  • From our roads to bridges and waterways, tell us why it’s important for manufacturers to be able to improve the foundation that makes our work and our daily lives possible—our nation’s infrastructure.
  • Would your community benefit from investments in infrastructure? Tell us what needs improvement and how you think manufacturers can help.

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Did you take action above? Keep up the momentum up by urging Congress to protect the competitive gains manufacturers have made thanks to tax reform and to protect the privacy of workers by voting against the PRO Act.

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