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By taking action below, you’re joining manufacturing supporters who are urging Congress to develop and pass a competition package that will help to strengthen our economy and secure more opportunities for America’s families.

What’s at Stake

America’s manufacturers understand first-hand just how critical it is to develop and enforce a competitive China strategy to keep our economy strong and our families safe. From growing the workforce through pro-innovation tax codes to protecting American consumers and workers from dangerous counterfeit goods, this fight belongs to each of us.

As Congress continues to negotiate a final package, manufacturers and industry supporters far and wide are taking action, urging their lawmakers to create a strong, bipartisan solution that invests in U.S. manufacturing, increases our global competitiveness and provides opportunities for the more than 12.7 million people who make things in America.

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Washington needs to hear from YOU. Why? Because real voices make a difference and help to get stuff done. Include your voice and tell us why you support investing in semiconductor production and its workforce right here in the U.S.

Need an idea?

  • We all rely on semiconductors – from personal devices, like cell phones and computers, to our cars. Why should Congress support increased production of semiconductors in the U.S.?
  • Each of us have been impacted by the supply chain crisis. Why should Congress support increased manufacturing in the U.S. to cut down on the international traffic jams that have clogged our global supply chain?

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Did you take action above? Keep up the momentum up by urging Congress to protect worker privacy and the right to a secret ballot by opposing Card Check.

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