Stopping the PRO Act

The anti-worker Protecting the Right to Organize Act would create a new manufacturing landscape in America where manufacturers are forced to accept the demands of organized labor.

What’s at Stake

For manufacturers across America, the PRO Act is by far one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation to be voted on by Congress. The PRO Act attempts to rewrite America’s labor and employment laws and will do serious harm to manufacturers, workers and the economy.

One of the largest unintended consequences would be on hardworking Americans’ privacy and our hard-earned paychecks. If passed, the PRO Act would force employers to hand over a worker’s private information to labor groups without the consent of the worker.

This is sensitive information, and it is extremely important for Americans to be able to control what information they share with outside groups.

Fast Facts

If the PRO Act is passed and signed into law, America’s workers will lose the following benefits:

  • The right to keep their personal information private
  • The freedom to negotiate their own wages and benefits
  • The freedom to not pay dues for a union they don’t want to join 
  • The right to a secret ballot in deciding whether workers want to be part of a union

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Need an idea?

  • Why should having the freedom to negotiate one’s wages and benefits be a workplace freedom?
  • Why is it important that you’re not forced to pay dues for a union you don’t want to join?

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