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Key Stats

Additional research published by the NAM found that repealing tax reform would threaten:

  • 1 million jobs lost over two years
  • 500,000 jobs lost each year on average over the next decade
  • $107 billion lost in gross domestic product (GDP) in the first two years

What’s Going On?

America is currently facing historic economic challenges, and yet Congress is still considering increasing taxes for manufacturers. Our action to stop these tax hikes matters more than ever. Manufacturers continue to invest in our communities, support our families, grow the economy, create jobs, and keep America competitive. We cannot afford to reverse the great progress that manufacturers have made over the last few years.

Watch this video on why tax hikes would weaken manufacturing and make America less competitive:

Fast Facts

According to a recent survey of manufacturers, if Congress approves these changes, the negative consequences would include:

  • Slowed Job Growth. 91% of manufacturers say they will have trouble creating jobs and expanding.
  • Decreased Pay Raises. 90% of manufacturers say they will have trouble raising wages.



How Tax Reform Has Protected Manufacturers

The tax reforms passed in 2017 put manufacturers in a position of strength — driving historic numbers of new hires, rising wages, strong capital investment and the best production in years.

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