Building the Manufacturing Workforce

Protect and grow the manufacturing workforce for tomorrow

Modern manufacturing offers high-paying, rewarding careers—and these jobs are available whether you have a high school diploma or an advanced degree, whether you’re beginning your career or changing careers. Manufacturers are looking for dedicated, skilled individuals who want to do work that makes a difference. And with hundreds of thousands of jobs open right now—and millions more to fill over the next decade, manufacturers are hiring. Manufacturers are working with Congress, as well as local leaders and educational institutions, to get more people connected with a promising manufacturing career. 


Launched annually on the first Friday in October with events that continue throughout the month, MFG Day helps to build the future of the manufacturing workforce through events promoting manufacturing to students, parents and educators.

MFG Day 2021 is set for October 1. 

MFG Day is an initiative of The Manufacturing Institute, the workforce development and education partner of the National Association of Manufacturers. The Institute grows and supports the manufacturing industry’s skilled workers for the advancement of modern manufacturing.

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