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What’s Going On?  

Congress is considering new taxes on that would threaten manufacturers’ ability to reinvest in their businesses and make it harder for the next manufacturing dollar to be spent in America.

This tax – known as the “book tax” – would disproportionately affect manufacturers because expanding operations in our industries requires much larger investments in capital equipment than other industries. This tax would:

  • Change how taxes are calculated by charging manufacturers taxes not on their actual income, but by what is reported on financial statements

With congressional leadership hoping to reach an agreement on a spending package in the near future, it’s more important than ever that the manufacturing community comes together to rally against the harmful tax hikes on manufacturers that have been proposed within negotiations.

The Negative Impact on Manufacturers:

The National Association of Manufacturers has detailed why this tax is bad for manufacturers. Check out the information below:

Be sure to check out the NAM’s new video calling attention to the harm caused by taxes on manufacturers:

How Tax Reform Has Protected Manufacturers

The tax reforms passed in 2017 put manufacturers in a position of strength — driving historic numbers of new hires, rising wages, strong capital investment and the best production in years.

Partner with Manufacturers United

Want to adopt Manufacturers United as your own grassroots tax-action campaign? We’re ready to help. By partnering with Manufacturers United, we’ll work with you to strengthen your mobilization effort by providing you with:

  • A co-branded tax action page that incudes a customizable letter to Congress and the ability to add automated patch-thru calling and a tweet-Congress tool
  • A custom URL ( that will provide key metrics specific to just your engagement channels

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Don’t wish to mobilize your company at this very moment? Your action still matters. Use the tool below and join thousands of supporters who are calling on Washington to protect the hard-fought gains that manufacturers have made for our communities thanks to tax reform.

Additional Resources for Manufacturers

For member organizations and state partners of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), we have a dedicated team of staff ready to help your company or organization partner with Manufacturers United to advance our shared goals. If you have any questions, please contact the NAM Advocacy team at


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